Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our week in pictures as my gratitude list continues.

396. Tulips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
397. Spending an afternoon with Loki: pulling weeds in the yard and going for a long walk/hike
398. Mac and cheese and good wine (from our honeymoon) after a long shift
399. Back rubs
400. Clear blue sky
401. Hugs from patients' wifes: one a short lady with a bright purple skirt with lime green slippers, the other, an elderly little lady who spent my entire shift holding her husband's hand just like they do every night
402. Putting air in the tires of my bike and going for a ride
403. Coming home to my husband
404. knowing that I can change my attitude and doing so.
405. Bluebells

406. a perfect sandwich, on Pill Hill, with my husband, during my lunch hour
407. Teamwork
408. Patient's families who are appropriate and coping well
409. French toast

410. Exercising Loki really, really well as we start running for a 5K
411. Phone calls with friends
412. Completing projects, cute little baby things ... for my cousin's new baby boy. (should have taken some pictures of these ...)
413. Good conversations with my husband and being excited about our upcoming move afterwards, possibly for the first time.
414.  Bleeding hearts (the flower ...not really bleeding hearts, those are bad )

415.  A day with my mom, planting flowers and running errands
416. The great assortment of bread we have in our pantry.  I love bread
417. Frequent conversations with my husband where I tell him that I like something (french toast, grilled cheese, mangos) and he says that he knows that and that is why he made/bought it. =)
418. watching our grass grow
419. Pulling weeds. Chris' dad has this thing called a weed hog (I think) and it is fun. I get great satisfaction from pulling out the weeds while standing up and I enjoy watching the pile of weeds grow much faster than when I do it on my knees.
 420. Being able to borrow gardening tools from Chris' dad.  =)
421. Finding toys in strange places.

Life is good.

In other news, we have a low key weekend coming up, an open house this afternoon and  a date night planned for the evening (we got engaged a year ago today). 
Also, (because I know some of you are interested), I have one interview in Milwaukee in two weeks and am in the process of getting another as well. I don't think it is a coincidence that the two jobs I got called for the day after I submitted my applications were the two on the top of my list and I am encouraged about that. 
I'll keep you posted! 


Nonna said...

I love your photos and your thoughts, Rachel. Dad and I get excited when we see you have a new blog posted. Thanks for sharing.

Life With the Lopez Family said...

Congratulations!!! Keep us updated on the interview.

Rachel said...

Thank you ladies!