Thursday, April 8, 2010

My week has been full.

Full of working and watching my patient slowly stabalize and then improve over several days while building a relationship with her family.

Full of random house projects on the to-do list being completed by many people lovingly giving of their time.

Full of little moments with my love - breakfast before an early shift, a note tucked inside the lunch he made me, little kisses while changing a light bulb or making burgers for the grill.

Full of peace as our future seems exciting instead of daunting.

Full of doggy snuggles (okay, only at night when he is sleepy enough to allow himself to be manhandled) and prances in the morning as soon as my alarm goes off.


And now, the weekend approaches and I want to soak it all in ... love my husband ... celebrate (a marriage and a birthday) with my friends ... dig in the dirt ... walk the dog ... finish some more projects ... stage our house so others may see it as their home ... say goodbye to several co-workers as they move on ... laugh ... enjoy ... relax ... love ...

and repeat

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