Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New school year and a new job

#1748 - #1778

- Books on every flat surface of our apartment
- lunches packed for work and school
- coffee for early morning day shifts
- rides to work =)
- finding commonalities with new friends
- time to read and journal
- inserts for my shoes that make my foot feel better
- seeing friends who return after the summer
- talking with a PhD student whose wife is also an ICU nurse. (i didn't meet her, but just talking to him was like finding someone that spoke my language in Theology Land)
- a coffee and doughnut, no alarm clock morning
- healthy, local food gracing our table

- being part of two house blessings
- good food made by good friends
- planning fun things for the fall (canning and a trip to a quilt museum)
- a 2 year old's giggle
- being welcomed by new people at work
- acknowledging that I am a little anxious about the responsibilities of my new role
- praying
- finishing some sewing projects - gifts (we have several friends who are pregnant)
taggie blanket. my friend's request
burp cloths. i am in love with that fabric (but not so much with the chenille I used on the back)
- text messages from my husband, telling me he is coming home
- evening prayers
- giving Loki a hair cut and he did so good which is not always the case
- good sleep
- giving and receiving forgiveness
- tomatoes from my plants on the patio
- Christopher's creative, frugal meals
- taking some time to slow down after a busy summer
- an honest conversation with Christopher about what it takes for me to be involved in discussions about school related things
- learning about Constintine
- iced mango tea

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

Those burp cloths are amazing! Whenever I take those cloths out of my bag I get so many compliments! Keep up the great work!