Saturday, September 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Rest

linking up with The Gypsy Mama; she picks a topic and writes for 5 minutes on it - no edits - just writing. Yesterday's prompt? REST.

Go {10:52}

Rest is a fitting topic for this week, my husband and I have been talking about rest this week, which has gotten me thinking about rest this week.

What is rest?

rest: refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion of labor

So what, then, in my life, is restful?

a good conversation, a walk through the woods with Loki, snuggling up in my husband's strong arms, reading on the patio, studying the Word

It strikes me that all these things are actually active - moving, learning, engaging. While I do find rest in them, they are not still. And perhaps being still is different than being at rest. Perhaps I don't know how to be still. Being still is a strange concept it on culture - we are always moving, always doing. And yet, in the stillness I am most acutely me; not the me that is working, cleaning, doing or moving (although all those things are needed and make up me), I am just me.

Being still, being silent is hard. It's hard to not think of what I have to do next, not think about work, not rehearse my verses from Colossians. Silence is hard for me, but I find rest in it. A rest that is different than a talking/walking/snuggling/reading/learning rest.

And I am learning to like it.

STOP {10:58}


Ashley said...

Such an interesting point, that most things we find restful are not necessarily inactive. I agree it's so hard to be still! But God has been patiently teaching me to appreciate it more. I think you're right about that being the real you.... I've realized lately how much I place my identity in what I DO. Not good.
Anwyay, great post! :)

Patty Ann said...

Love this one today. visiting from Lisa Jo's.