Friday, December 25, 2009

Dreamin' of a White Christmas

I felt like a kid last night.

I went to sleep wearing new pajamas (thanks Kristi!) on our new big/queen bed (thanks Mom and Dad!) with a new comforter (thanks to the Brenna's!). It wasn't til I was almost alseep that I realized that I had basically collected my Christmas gifts and was literally sleeping with them. =)

Meanwhile, snowballs are falling from the sky in the "wintery mix" the weather men call it and I want to go home after work today. It is somewhat odd working the holidays because even though every one - patients and staff - addresses it, it doesn't really seem like Christmas to me until I am home. It is nice that spending Christmas Eve with Chris' family qualified as being "home," in a sense. It was fun watching the kids (7 and 9) open up their gifts and seeing their unrestrained enthusiasm - especially over the wii. =) I am blessed to be joining such a wonderful family and certainly feel welcomed and loved. I was touched by the little things ... I got Russian tea and mint chocolate in my stocking and Chris' mom saved some mint brownies for me, which are my favorite. (It is possible that she just had some left over but I prefer to believe that she saved them for me ... i didn't ask)

Still, I am looking forward to being home and seeing my family and the dog and eating some heavenly chicken soup, which my mom assures me that there is enough left over for me. =)

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