Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am thankful for change.

I don't really like change and it's not normal for me to say that I am thankful for change during it. It probably helps that this change is the best kind for me, anticipated, planned and a whole lota fun.

My friend and roommate is moving out. Her stuff and furniture was picked up today. I expected to feel a bit sad (afterall, not only is she moving to TX but she is going to Togo for about nine months) but instead we talked about God's faithflness and provision, for both of us and for those we love. The timing, while it wasn't planned by us, has been perfect and, for me at least, has lead to closure. And we know we will still be friends when there is an ocean between us; we have practiced that for the last six months.

And now there is space in my house. Space that will be filled with books and things. And my life will be filled with a neice and a nephew, two sister in laws, a dog and a husband. a husband.


And we talk about other change ... moving, him starting doctoral school, me starting a new job. This change weighs more heavily on him than on me.

And during this change, I want to be mindful of God's provision and his faithfulness. I want to be excited about living with my new husband and settling into the house, our house. I want to prayerfully consider how I can support him. I want to enjoy and be thankful for my friendships. And I want to allow myself to enjoy the still quiet moments.

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