Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my blessings overflow

77. Talking about love languages with my friends
78. A cousin home from Iraq for a couple of weeks
79. Using every plate, fork and knife in my house to make a nice dinner for our friends
80. God's faithfulness
81. Safe drives to and from family
82. dinner with extended family. Thanksgiving dinner or any kind
83. Christmas lights!
84. Being welcomed and loved by my future in-laws
85. grasshopper pie and cranberry pudding
86. eating dessert for breakfast. WHY does this seem acceptable at grandma's house?
87. 48 days til my name changes
88. a lovely shower with both sides of my family there. (the gifts literally overflow)
89. my house
90. anticipating making my house our home
91. the warmth of a little doggy sitting on my lap
92. piano music
93. Change

It has been encouraging and fun to read what others are thankful in the gratitude community over at Holy Experience

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