Saturday, January 14, 2012


The last year and a half I have had a hard time defining home.
I struggled with it in this post, soon after we moved and since then, I have kind of waffled between calling Franklin home and calling Rochester home

We visited Minnesota last week and I remembered where I was from ... 
and I knew where I am to call home.

I walked with Loki along the Zumbro (a little river in Rochester) 
and I found the place where Christopher and I sat when we first talked about getting married.

I thought of how our life has changed in the last two years. 
and of God's faithfulness. 

I know that I will always call Rochester home, 
in the same way that I will always call Hastings home. 

I bought my first home, developed lasting friendships and fell in love in Rochester. 
And all those things I take with me (except the house, thankfully!) 

Rochester will always be a part of my past - and my future. 
But for now, Franklin is home

And in my journey to find home, I have also found contentment, joy and strength.
I think I will always struggle when our life changes but I can look back
and see God's faithfulness in the these years and know that
in the most important way, I will always be home.

 This picture reminded me of the reflection in a puddle picture that my sister in law posted earlier this month.

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