Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo Challenge ... finish or fail

ummm ... I didn't really finish my photo challenge
that I started in ... ahem ... November. 
But here are some pictures that I took to finish it off. 
My sister in law is doing a photo challenge for the new year, 
one picture a day.
Not me but I will enjoy her pictures! 

Something Orange
Faceless Self Portrait


yes, he's under there ... i know, he has it rough
 From a Distance

Close up

Flowers (??)
Black and White

okay, all done! clearly taking - and posting - a picture every day is too much for me. 
In fact, the most inspiration I have had lately has come from Whitnall Park. 
Maybe this week will change that ...


Gina Marie said...

Very cool pictures! I find the only way I get my daily challenge done is to take the camera with me when I take Scout out. So you'll be seeing a lot of China pictures. :)

Michelle said...

What's happening this week?

Rachel said...

in Minnesota with family and friends, playing and relaxing. =) love.

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