Tuesday, January 3, 2012

End-of-the year thanksgiving

 this was titled "Christmas thanksgiving" but that would imply that I actually would post it around Christmas. now it's longer and I changed the name.

1918. Advent and the promise of new life, given for us and to us
1919. working with some pretty amazing people
1920. a phone call from my cousin, inviting us to visit in Jan. I was touched that she remembered our conversation from this summer and am excited to visit and see their kids.
1921. Christopher, who works hard a school and finished the semester well!!!
1922. Loki's little winter jacket. he is so cute!
1923. the first snow of the season
1924. tis the season ... for clementines!
1925. making Christmas gifts
1926. having enough time off to go see our families over Christmas
1927. a Christmas party with friends. nerf guns = cool
1928. music
1929. our second Christmas - making traditions for our little family
1930. a whole month of no classes for Christopher! In the interest of full disclosure, this also means several weeks that i don't have to do the cooking. =)
1931. the beautiful babies that my friends are having.
1932. good weather to drive to MN
1933. and a husband who drives while I sleep
1934. spending Christmas Eve with my family ... seeing my brother for the evening even though he was on "main call"
1935. Christmas carols sung by a choir
1936. Loki opening presents.
1937. skyping with the Butz family. Can someone please tell the kids to stop growing?
1938. thoughtful gifts from family
1939. being a push-over when it comes to Loki. I've decided that sometimes it is okay, besides, I really can't resist his brown eyes.
1940. amazon's awesome customer service.
1941. seeing extended family at my grandma's.
1942. knowing and expressing my emotions to friends.
1943. giving away knitted gifts (mainly headbands but I also made a tie for my brother and he says he really likes it)
1944. sleeping after busy nights at work.
1945. extending our Christmas til Jan 6th with dates and gifts and fun.

well, i think there will be pictures in the next post. =)

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