Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 goals

(in no particular order)

Make bread. 
I changed this from "Make bread consistently" because my husband is a little doubtful that that is a good goal. But after looking at bread that is a week past it's expiration date and noticing that it still looks okay and wondering how, whatever is in that could possibly be good for us, I am determined to try. Without a bread maker. With good quality ingredients.

Make a quilt. =)

Have one internet free evening a week and one internet free day a month.

Increase our giving.
We saved well last year and we would like to continue that and focus on our giving this year.

Continue our "state of the union" weekly updates.
This fall Christopher and I began weekly discussions about our marriage, our goals and what we are doing to reflect those. Turns out he is energized by the "big picture" and I am energized by actions toward goals so we are making time to talk about both ... works out pretty well, don't you think?

Research CSAs and hopefully find a good fit for us
We will continue to buy mostly organic eggs, milk and meat and I have plans to improve my little garden this year. I was given a canning pot and I will can this summer again and there is chatter about a marathon tomato canning session with some work friends. Basically, I think we will eat really well this year!

Finish memorizing Colossians.  have the first chapter memorized and have three left.

Be more intentional about building relationships.
This is a vague goal but my ideas include: having lunch regularly with my grandma, write letters (like real, snail-mail letters) to several people who I think would really enjoy that, figure out how to invest in relationships at work (this has always been very difficult for me), and put more time into my friendships here.

I'll be working over New Year's ... hoping for a couple of uneventful nights at our suddenly busy hospital.

Happy New Years and many blessings to you and your families!

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Chinwe said...

Hmm...these are really good. I especially like the one about abstaining from internet. Those are pretty measurable. I just might do it as well. We'll see...

Also, just thought you'd like to know...I like letters.