Saturday, December 17, 2011

Photo Challenge: a sunset from the summer, 13 things and eyes

Day 12: Sunset
It's a little difficult to find a sunset when you need it. 
So, instead, a sunset from the summer: 

Day 13: {yourself with} 13 things
Since I already "broke the rules," I choose to just do the 13 things on my bedside table, sans me. 
1) lamp 2) alarm clock - that fails to wake me up most of the time 3) thermometer
4) electric mattress pad control 5&6) Bibles 7&8) small books 9) hair clip
10) work tape 11&12) earrings - that replaced my favorite pair that I lost on our honeymoon
and 13) body butter jar

Day 14: eyes
Christopher's eyes - from a drawing that was given to us for our 1st anniversary (which is paper) by Christopher's sister

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