Thursday, June 16, 2011

a week full of blessings

Gratitude list #1608 -#1675
- Tailgating and a Brewer's game with work peeps. even though the weather made it seem like we were tailgating for a Packer game. (note to self: add "tailgate at Lambeau Field" to my hypothetical bucket list)
- being privy to a co-worker friend's secret
- my husband graciously cleaning and packing before our trip to MN
- a full table at the Brenna's (also a full van and a full church pew)
- watching kid movies with the kids - our nephew and niece
- Loki and Cinders getting some love 
- once again being schooled in all things related to the wii.
- finding good deals at Old Navy (groupon, rewards points, sales ... nice!)
- listening to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law speak in church about their ministry
- lunch at Pho Tai; my favorite restaurant with my favorite people in Rochester (besides family, of course)
- seeing Ian!
- praying consistently for my friend, her little baby growing inside her and her husband who leaves for deployment soon. 
- this picture from the weekend: 
- pots from my parents for my garden
- seeing my brother's new place in Rochester
- biking to Dunn Brothers with Loki and the kids. pretty sure that activity needs to happen again.
- watching the kids on the slip and slide

- my father-in-law's garden
- "free" groceries because we are shopping with my mother in law
- stopping on the way home so Loki can run/chase some birds behind a gas station
- knowing that we'll be in MN again in about a week.
(tangent #1: I have not counted how many nights we will sleep somewhere other than our own bed in the next few months but my guess is 25. Glad that I work twelve hour shifts and the Christophers' study schedule is flexible so that we can spend a lot of time with people that we love.)
- making our time in Milwaukee count: concert in the park tonight and greek fest tomorrow
- getting an evening off of work to go to greek fest this week
- Loki, all tuckered out from the weekend
- my husband's wonderful beet risotto. love. 
- organic, grass-fed beef in our freezer ... and in the burgers marinating for dinner tonight
- and our friend who organized the purchase of the beef package
- potting plants to go on our patio
- almost done with a sewing project that has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would (because I didn't plan it well)
- menu planning with my husband for dinner with friends tonight
- biking with Loki. He has soooo much more energy than i give him credit for
- reading parts of Eva's gratitude list and knowing that she will be sharing weekly. love her
- being SUPER excited to spend next weekend with friends
- actually winning a game of speed scrabble (at work)
- sleeping
- clean sheets. clean comforter
- my sweatshirt smeling like my in-laws house because I did laundry there. 
(tangent #2: I'm trying to take more pictures but I scrapped taking a picture every day because I was just taking one of Loki which is okay but not really the goal. I think I'm doing better, what to you think?) 

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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