Wednesday, June 1, 2011

just pictures

some pics from this week
from our walk in the park
cooling off by the waterfall
my brother playing guitar; i just like this picture
mixing up some rhubarb goodness



Chinwe said...

I made some rhubarb goodness this weekend as well!! :)

Life With the Lopez Family said...

I like the computer picture! Have you learned how to use it yet? I love our Mac so I am sure you are enjoying yours:) Also, the waterfall picture is gorgeous!

Rachel said...

@Chinwe - sometime soon we should eat some rhubarb goodness together =)
@Ann - I love my computer and am surprised at how easily I have picked it up. We live by this huge, beautiful park and I have wanted to start taking pictures of the seasons as they change in the park and I finally decided to start. So you'll probably be seeing more of that little waterfall.