Thursday, June 9, 2011

I think his mama should be proud

(and I hope that someday our son will be just like his daddy)
{A shout-out to my husband}
The last two weeks have been nice but busy. We have had several social events planned in the evenings of my days off; we joined a gym; I worked lots of overtime last week; we are leaving on Friday to go to Rochester for several days (insert happy dance here) which means a shortened week here at home. You add all of those things together and it makes for a busy two weeks. Not an overwhelming-I-can't-wait-til-it's over week but a busy one with a slight time crunch to get all needed things done.
So Christopher picked up on this because he knows me well and he is observant like that and he just began doing the grocery shopping and walking the dog often and texting me at 4pm to tell me that he knows what we are going to have for dinner and cleaning the bathrooms (a job that is mine usually) and he cleared his study schedule last weekend because he thought I needed more time with him and he wrote me a sweet note in the little journal that we share and he and Loki came to visit me at work one night.
Bless his heart.
Sometimes (um, finals week) we discuss the divide and conqueror mindset. We have the "how can I help you get through this week" conversations and we both know that it may be rough but that we have a plan to get through.
And then sometimes (like this week) I realize that my sweet husband has simply shouldered more of the day to day tasks to make things easier for me. He knows I am thankful for him and all that he does but today I wanted to shout his praises to all ... who read this. =)
I think his mama should be proud (and I'm pretty sure that she is).
love these two


Chinwe said...


Nonna said...

I am proud of both of you and how you love and care about each other.

Chris B. said...

I learned how to love my wife by being loved so well by my mama! And being loved so well by my wife makes it easy to love her back!

Life With the Lopez Family said...

Great job Chris! Rachel, remember when we were little we used to talk about our future husbands?? Did we ever imagine they would be this great?? :):):)