Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's been awhile since I posted a gratitude list so this one spans a bit of time.
#1579 - #1607
- the generosity of my family and friends in the tangible gift of a beautiful new laptop
- seeing my friends' babies ... and my friends too!
- being able to tell family and friends in MN "we'll see you in a few weeks." This will be a common occurrence over the summer
- night shift e-mails to my friend working elsewhere
- the "summer weather switch" finally turned on in Milwaukee. (Loki is exhausted with the adrupt change in temps)
- kissing on the beach
- sand from Lake Michigan between my toes
- trying to convince Loki not to be scared of the water (in his defence, it was cold and wavy and he is scared of just about everything!)
- my trusty chacos
- long shadows from trees
- fans and ac
- cook-outs with friends who work some magic on the grill
- a huge pile of thank you notes ready to be send off
- lunch for $10 a piece downtown. (we were supposed to go with friends but that didn't work out so we had an unplanned date instead)
we always take pics of the food
- getting free pots from my parents to plant a mini potted garden. For some reason I had scraped the whole idea of a garden earlier since we don't have a yard but now I'm super excited to try a potted garden. And, hey, since I'm already late to plant things, may as well wait another week so I can get lots of free pots from my parents. =)
- a nicely planned trip to Sam's Club. spent exactly as much time as I wanted to and spent less money than I thought I would.
- making gifts for summer birthdays
- first trip of the season to the farmer's market
- easily navigating through Milwaukee several times in order to avoid construction
- finding out that friends are pregnant =)
- dinner with my grandma finished off with some wonderful tapioca pudding
- knitting with bright yarn
- a week without overtime! (hopefully the whole summer will be without overtime)
- a free cool new coffee mug for work (thanks Eva!)
- just a few days til we see the Butz family!
- my sweet husband coming to visit me during a slow evening at work and bringing me something to do for the patient-less night ahead
- green grass, green trees and summer flowers
- our unit moved across the hall to accomodate some construction and now we get to see beautiful sunrises in the morning


Chinwe said...

I love that picture of you both! Nice work with the processing :)

Rachel said...

Thanks my dear, I was happy with the result too =)