Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

535. Handsomeness in the form of my husband
536. A visit from my parents
537. an early birthday gift: mint ice cream
538. my mom's generosity
539. Spring rolls, crysthanamum tea, pho soup and shrimp and noodle goodness (and checking off an item on my bucket list)
540. Menu planning with Chris for our dinner party next week (also an item on my list)
541. Being honked at while out exercising
542. The beautiful hanging plant underneath our picture window
543. finding and enjoying my co-worker's blog
544. Cute summer clothes from the bottom of a box in my closet

545. Cute shoes with heels
546. the early morning sun chasing away the night
547. Looking forward to the financial challenging of "living lower on the hog" while Chris is in school
548. and finding some apartments on-line that look like they would work for us and Loki
549. making pancakes with an apron over my scrubs after a night shift
550. Knowing our neighbors by name ... well, most of them
551. new glasses
552. the feeling of Loki's leash in my hand
553. cookies baking in the oven when i woke up this afternoon
554. apples in the fridge.

1 comment:

Chris B. said...

I'm so glad I make your list so often! You make my list every day!