Sunday, May 23, 2010


480. The cardinal singing on our deck
481. Grass growing, thick and long, the product of our hard work.
482. Going to sleep at the same time as my husband
483. Charting during my lunch break at work and realizing that my co-workers got my patient up to a chair (which takes some time/energy/preparation in the ICU) while I was at lunch. (I had talked about doing this all morning but we didn't have time/enough help.)
484. Getting a flat tire fixed with very little trouble. (seriously, we were a block from our house when I ran over something so it deflated safely in our garage, then my husband changed the tire the next morning and the repair shop was able to fix it the same day.) SO easy!
485. A mother-in-law who is a master garage sale planner. I certainly wouldn't have known to get spare dollar bills and change.
486. A new passport to replace the old.
487. Fun ideas of how to bless my grandma when we live close to her.

488. Oh, how could I forget? A job offer that I accepted - in that new hospital with a small ICU. =) I start on Aug 16th which is perfect. Twelve hour (which is good) night shifts (which is ... okay ... and a straight shift)

489. A glorious morning run with my husband and an obedient dog.
490. My co-worker who picked up my Friday night shift
491. Eating huge oranges with a friend while watching a TiVo'd episode of 24 and yelling at the television.
492. Sampling small plates of delicious food on the outside patio at Twigs with Chris, at date night we retroactively assigned our 4 month anniversary dinner.
493. Playing Carcassonne that same evening.
494. Watching Robin Hood with friends
495. and ice cream afterwards
496. All sorts of people telling me that we will love Milwaukee
497. Balloons
498. Finishing my competencies at work.
499. The neighbor boy who walks our dog
500. A successful garage sale where we sold stuff, made money and socialized our dog.
501. A some-what bare pantry, the result of "eat from the pantry challenge" from Money Saving Mom
502. On a frugal note: getting better at using coupons =)
503. The orchid, a beautiful gift from my mom, blooming like crazy on our window sill
504. Sunshine and humidity - our wonderful, crazy, fun-filled summer is a-coming.
505. Eating dinners in the gazebo
506. Doing the dishes listening to my brother play/sing some of the songs that he is writing. (my little brother has talent, let me tell you!)
507. Actually, honestly getting excited about Milwaukee, aside from "moving there 'cuz the love of my life is."
508. Praying for something then finding the answer in what we already have.
509. Writing real letters - you know, the kind with a paper and pen.
510. Finally using up the last of the lotion in my drawer = I can (attempt) to make lotion in the near future. This year has been the year of "we don't need more stuff ... have to use what we own ... and then try to make it or get it cheaper"
511. Air conditioning on a humid day
512. My thoughtful husband
513. Time spent with good friends

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