Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This week ...

I am going to make a list of 10 (or so) blessings each day ... simply because I want to.

514. purple wild flowers on the side of the road
515. the ending of 24, appropriate since I am moving away from my friends who I watch it with. (not that it's all about me ... )
516. Iced coffee
517. cool sheets
518. a random fun conversation with my dental hygienist
519. ear plugs for days that I need to sleep during the day
520. praying with and for my husband
521. sweet smiles
522. pictures of my husband as a kid
523. talking with my mother-in-law about her children as babies
524. Chris making up songs for Loki - and a glimpse into how he may play with our kids someday

I am also creating a Rochester bucket list - a to-do list of fun things I want to do before we move:
- Bike the Douglas trail to Pine Island (once)
- Bike the Bear Creek Trail (more than once)
- Go to Farmers Market and have a farmer's market breakfast
- Take Loki for a walk at the Plummer House
- Go to Pho Tai (more than once, hopefully)
- Take a trip to Lanesboro
- Have a dinner party at our house


slinger301 said...

You should just leave your bike in Rochester for a few weeks after you leave, because I'll likely be biking to Pine Island once or twice when I get back from Africa ;)


Jennifer, R.N., M.O.M., W.I.F.E. said...

You should rent a canoe in Lanesboro, have lunch at the Pedal Pusher Cafe, and buy a bottle of Cherry wine made in Lanesboro from their wine shop. We should all take lessons from you on focusing on the good things in life.

Chris B. said...

babe, I can't wait to get started on making your bucket list a reality. =)

Gina Marie said...

Have you been out to Whitewater? That would be a fun place to go before you leave. I have lots of great memories from Whitewater as a kid.

Rachel said...

Ben, biking to Pine Island with you would make me really very happy. Actually, just seeing you in August will make me really very happy.

Jen, will stop by the wine shop, that sounds fun.

CJ, i'm excited to do some of those things with you!

Gina, We have been hiking to Whitewater a few times and Chris and I got lost driving through it once (our destination was in WI). Loki would love it there so maybe that will have to go on the list too!