Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blog-tober Day 6: Currently ...

Currently ... 
- I am reading the Selection series and it is fun. 
Kind of like the Ester story and the Bachelor all rolled up in on.

- I am watching Downton Abbey, The Good Wife and Parenthood.

- I am stunned that our baby will be one tomorrow! 

- We are trying out a new, lowered budget and it has been working out okay. 

- I am excited for dear friends visiting tomorrow!

- I am loving the cool weather and the leaves turning color.

- I am snuggling with our old, sweet dog after the baby has gone to bed.

-I am excited for Zoe to dance at a family wedding in a week and a half.

- I am working up the courage to go and start a new bread recipe.
One can never go wrong with America's Test Kitchen.

- We are working through our garden produce.
Squash, pumpkins, eggplants and carrots. Oh my!!

- I am excited to go and pick lots of apples so we can can them for the winter.

1 comment:

Anne Schumann said...

Loving your CURRENTLY list! And that baby is just SOOOOO cute!