Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog-tober Day 23: A guide to your city

A few seasons ago the Bachelor (or Bachelorette) did a hometown date in Milwaukee and, although we don't watch that show, hubby and I watched the bit of the show when they toured Milwaukee and we were pleased to know that we choose the right activities. It was something like a visit to Lake Michigan, a brewery tour and a visit to the Milwaukee Public Market.

Those things are all well and good but if you come to visit us, your visit will look a little different. We live in a part of Milwaukee called Bay View and we LOVE it here. Here are our favorite local gems:

We would go see Lake Michigan but it would be from South Shore Park (bonus points if the farmer's market is going on) or we would take a short hike down there via Seven Bridges Park.

We would eat at some local places like Stack'd (the BEST fried pickles ever!), the Broken Yolk, and Cafe Lulu's which is a short walk from our place. And we would get ice cream from Babes.

And Christopher would give you a tour of our basement where he brews and he would open what we have on hand for you.



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Anne Schumann said...

BEST FRIED PICKLES! I will have to check out this place you speak of!