Monday, October 24, 2011

Plan B

Key to the following phone conversation:

Blue = the security guy's words

Green = my words

Red = my thoughts


"Hi this is Rachel"

"Hi, this is so-and-so from security. I am wondering if you think any of the patients will die this weekend."

... crickets chirping {silence} ...

"I'm sorry, did you say you were from security?"

"Yes, we are having trouble with the morgue refrigerator again and the guys from maintenance aren't going to be able to fix it til Monday. So, I am wondering what the Plan B is."

... more crickets ...
well, there are many other refrigerators in the building ...
how cold do you think it is outside?
it's a small hospital, let's just roll the dice.
 this certainly doesn't seem like a problem that i can fix 
"Well, to answer your question, all the patients are doing fine right now. And I will talk with the funeral home if it comes to that."

"Okay, thanks"


Beth said...

Oh my!!!!!! All I can say.....

Jackie said...

That is a very strange conversation. At least work is not boring:)