Friday, October 7, 2011

Night shiftin' it

When I tell people that I work night shifts, their reaction is fairly consistent. They moan, feel bad for me and ask when I will be able to work day shifts. Aside from the fact that I make a little more money working nights and aside from the fact that working nights is convenient because we only have one car, I have begun to enjoy the rhythm of night shifts and also the rhythm that it gives my life.

Granted, there are the very obvious cons (that I'm sure you can come up with yourself) but I have come to really appreciate the other side of the column: the pros.

  • I have a rather regimented way of sleeping and protect sleeping above all else. I certainly can't say that about when I worked day shifts. 
  •  Nights at the hospital are just ... different ... better ... quieter than days. During night shifts there are fewer family members, nursing managers and doctors and I think that is a good thing for nurses. Oh and there are no meals for the patients on night shifts. I greatly dislike meal times; it is soooo inconvenient for the nurse! At the risk of sounding even more jaded towards my career, I'm going to move on ...
  • I stay up late a few nights a week to prepare for my shifts and I really enjoy those nights. I usually don't do much - my husband is sleeping which limits the housework, my friends are sleeping which limits social activities and stores are closed which limits errands. The introvert in me LOVES this alone time and I look forward to it every week. 
It is true that I choose to work night shifts and that, for right now, that schedule works out well for our life. But it is also true that I enjoy them and am thankful for this crazy, random, nocturnal schedule. 

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Eva Joy said...

I totally get this! I loved working nights for those two years. I think working straight nights shifts is maybe the difference....people who flip hate them, so they don't understand why anyone would like them. But there IS a routine to straight nights and it suits some people really well!