Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes life give you sunshine, warmth and relaxation and sometimes it is cloudy skies, night shifts and toilets to clean.

But there are still gifts there to be found, unwrapped and explored.

1312. Dinner with Christopher's Augustine class and professor. Honey, I can now begin to relate to meals where you listened to "nursing shop talk" the whole time. I love you.
1313. A full tank of gas in the car
1314. a text message conversation with one of my cousins
1315. time with my mom
1316. time with my mom where she buys me yarn. =)
1317. taking a "nap" (when I should have been staying up late) on the couch with Loki
1318. the sun. even briefly.
1319. beginning our study of Hebrews.
1320. Hebrews 1:3
1321. coffee with cream in my favorite mug
1322. my husband driving when it is dark and rainy ...
1323. vanilla ice cream, caramel and whipped cream
1324. lotion for dry skin
1325. shopping with Christopher, collecting a few shipping supplies for my etsy site (which I am SUPER excited to open ... most likely this weekend)
1326. tea with honey
1327. a huge bag of oranges
1328. reading in bed, next to Chris
1329. time to putter (i.e. not get ready quickly)
1330. Valentine's day cards .. I was excited about real mail even before I realized they had money in them
1331. the generosity of said card givers
1332. love.


Chris B. said...

I think #1323 is my favorite.

Life With the Lopez Family said...

I am excited about your site and your hats! You are super talented. It is so weird to see such little hats again!! I look at Jaden and think...was he ever that small??? How does time go so fast??? Love them!