Monday, February 21, 2011

1333. Breakfast in bed
1334. Clean bathrooms
1335. Snuggles with Loki
1336. My husband: making dinner, his hand on my cheek, his hand in mine
1337. the two green plants in our house reminding me that Spring WILL come after all this cold and snow
1338. And remembering this:

1339 - 1341. Grace. Joy. Thanksgiving.
1342. Being part of this online book club, re-reading the book One Thousand Gifts, being reminded why I give thanks
1343. Honest conversations with my hubby about my job
1344. a nice co-worker to spend two patient-less nights with - playing Nertz and roaming the hospital looking for things to do
1345. the Milwaukee Public Library buying a book for me ... well not really for me but it was my request =)
1346. Friends praying for us
1347. couscous and the way my husband makes it yummy (wow, it sounds like I never cook!)
1348. the ice scraper
1349. goldfish, the pepperridge farm kind =)
1350. having our own little Ticket to Ride tournament - and it being tied at the end.
1351. starting a busy week off with prayer
1352. warm boots, gloves and coats
1353. consecutive date nights this weekend =)
1354. time alone today

1 comment:

Life With the Lopez Family said...

Ticket to it! Next time we see you guys we should all play! And 2 date nights....what could be better???? :)