Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blooming Brenna Knits

One of the unforeseen benefits I got from our move to WI is my renewed enjoyment from knitting. Several factors - staying up late routinely before working nights, less house/yard work (due to living in an apartment) and, honesty, having less of a social life in our new town - made knitting a good place to stash some creative juices. I mean, there is only so many things you can do when you are awake til 4am once or twice a week. I have found a good routine to help me flip to a night shift schedule and I have also found a good routine of helping myself stay up that late, which usually includes time on the internet, a few trips to the laundry room, watching 24 on Netflix and knitting. 

I love making yarn that was just a ball of string into something cute and useful. I love figuring out a pattern that I didn't understand the first time I read it - thanks to some youtube knitting videos. I love looking at a little knit something and then going home and recreating it. And I love giving gifts that are personal, unique and hand made. 

And so I opened up a little shop on Etsy to try to sell a few things. It was super easy to set up and I am excited to see what happens. I have no intention of making tons of money but, hey, if I do end up quiting my day night job and opening up a yarn/knitting store, I would be pleased, but also very, very shocked. But really, I am hoping that it will be a fun thing to do and that I'll be able to sell enough to pay for the yarn. =) 

I am guessing that it is possible my first few sales will come from people that I know. My hubby says that I can't give stuff away for free since I am trying to sell it so I made a few coupon codes: BLOOM for 20% off and FREESHIPPING if I'll be seeing you soon and not shipping it. 

My two favorites

And Loki, just 'cuz
I hope you had a warm - and safe - weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with Monday's list of blessings. =)

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