Monday, October 11, 2010

How can I keep from singing?

the first several items, i wrote last week when I was sick ... the rest are from today. 

967. LOKI
i love this dog more everyday =)
 968. wearing a winter hat for the first time. I love winter accessories.
969. discovering all the trails in the woods. right next to our apartment complex
970. taking Chris to school
971. pumpkin spice coffee with a friend
972. farmer's market produce

973. Chris taking care of me when I am sick.
974. Loki laying on our bed, and on my lap, uncharacteristically happy to lay around with me all day
975. saltine crackers
976. the gadget we saved for so we can watch Netflix movies (and youtube and listen to pandora) on our tv. so cool.
977. seeing the pattern of my knitting project take shape. and then changing the pattern to make it easier to not make mistakes

978. this weekend.

979. this

980. and this
981. and this, trying to be a spaniel
982. these girls
983. and these guys
984. and this girl (she gets her own 'cuz she's special)
985. watching my lovely friend develop her hobby - beautiful photography
986. i mean, when the weekend ends like this, you know it was good.    

987. Six other people sleeping in our apartment
988. discovering beautiful places in Milwaukee
989. being there when Eva decides she likes something - anything - but on Saturday, Thai food
990. Sunday morning doughnut runs
991. Chris' face when something we make is really yummy
992. bowls literally licked clean
993. videos from Nigeria
994. finding comfort in the proof that friendships aren't destroyed by distance
995. friends who have fridge rights =)
996. feeling better
997. looking at my husband's schedule and knowing that he worked his mornings around me coming home from work
998. moments when we walked around a corner in the woods and stood speechless at the beauty of God's creation
999. and walking into an open area and being stunned again
1000 (!!!)


Chris B. said...

i can't wait to share a thousand more of these with you, my darling wife! I love you!

lindsay said...

I love this list Rachel! I hadn't seen any of the pictures yet, so that made it even more fun. I had such a lovely weekend with you and Chris... love to you both.