Thursday, October 28, 2010

by the numbers

(a shout out to the layout of my cousins' Christmas cards)
48 hours
558 miles
1 dinner with Chris' family
1 lunch with mine
a few text messages exchanged which resulted in 10 friends for dinner at my fav place ... so good for my heart!
22 signatures (a piece) to transfer the title of our house over to a stranger
3 banks and an undisclosed amount of money wired to the title company (this isn't the place for me to grip about the amount but it is, indeed, a number)
1 successful run to Hobby Lobby to pick up 1 ball of yarn - and a good reminder to get enough yarn the first time 
6 (I think?) lovely pictures viewed on Dunn Brothers walls
30 minutes Chris spent on the roof. in the freezing wind and rain
1 last token trip to the compost pile with 2 bags of wet leaves. did i mention the freezing wind and rain?
2 friends over for dessert and 1 long conversation in Colby - love you ladies!
3 doggie toys went with us ... 2 came home
1 thankful and happy heart. Selling the house is an answer to prayer and going home for a visit was oh, so much better than leaving  =) 
all this and Loki and I still had time for 1 nap on a super comfy couch while wrapped up in snuggies
oh, and 40 - 50 mph wind to push us back home
Can you say whirlwind?!? We get to do it all again (with slight variations) in 8 days and I couldn't be happier!


Eva Joy said...

*contented sigh*

You are good for my heart, too.

Love you tons.

(p.s. It is Coby. No "l". Don't worry. He won't hold it against you. :-D)

lindsay said...

just reading this makes me happy for you... wish I could have been there! :) Love to you & Chris & Loki.

lindsay said...

ps-- I got a sweet card from your mom a couple of months ago that she wrote soon after you & Chris moved out of the house... even though it's sad to see that chapter close for you, it is definitely a chapter with lots of good memories. Just the other day I was remembering watching BSG marathons (why do I put the S in? I don't know) with you when we were both snuggled under blankets on the couches. I still haven't finished that last season!