Saturday, November 21, 2009

On my way to 1,000 gifts ...

The beginning of my gratitude list, an idea from A Holy Experience and Ann Voskamp. A few people I know recently began sharing their list, I figured I might as well too. So here's the start of my list from last month:

1. Having my heater programmed to turn up a few minutes before I wake up
2. E-motions =)
3. Grace that I don't understand
4. Tea. anykind. anywhere
5. Google calendars
6. Walking and listening to the leaves crunch under my feet
7. Feeling like part of the team at work
8. Noticing, again, the the bulbs of the ferns in my yard look like aliens and, again, thinking that it is funny
9. My fiance's strong arms that hold me
10. My Savior's strong arms that hold me
11. Making a chai latte that is just as good as Paneras in my own kitchen
12. Frugal Club!
13. Knowing that in 81 days, i'll be married.
14. Finding the right piece of art for my bathroom wall that makes me kinda like the black dimonds around my bathroom
15. the leaves turning and the first snow fall ... on the same day
16. no alarm clock mornings
17. the farmer's market
18. Farmer's market breakfasts with Chris.
19. Friendship Bread
20. Friendship tea at the Brenna's. just wouldn't be the same anywhere else.
21. my bedtime ritual:
22. body butter
23. re-reading Come Away My Beloved
24. prayer

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lindsay said...

I still have this in email format from you... I loved your list, still do. Will enjoy catching up on all the good stuff in between this post and your most recent one... now that I know you have a blog.