Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting all caught up ...

From 11/10:

25. electric blankets
26. cool scarfs
27. the slippers Mrs. Brenna gave me to keep at their house
28. A clean garage
29. clean windows
30. Celebrating Chris' birthday with good friends ... good food, games, fun and laughter
31. Hummus
32. eating at Pho Thai (my favorite place) with my honey
33. neat bracelets
34. hugging Lindsay after 6 months
35. going to the store and making my budget
36. sweet kisses
37. Reading "A very hungry caterpillar" with Amabelle
38. Snuggling with baby Jaden
39. A clear sky to look at the stars
40. Conversations under a clear sky on a roof top
41. making cute baby hats
42. Counting down the days until I am married (69!!)
43. whipped cream
44. quiet evenings at home
45. snuggling into sweatshirts
46. taking bags and bags of leaves to the compost pile.

From 11/16:
47. Friendships
48. a fun bridal shower given by good friends
49. cute, new sleepwear given by those good friends
50. Ice cream cake
51. Two newsy, unexpected e-mails from friends from far away
52. Anticipating getting married in two months (yes, I will count down every day until jan 16)
53. Knowing a sense of pride and wonder when I look at my handsome, thoughtful fiancee
54. Time together to celebrate his birthday and talk about our relationship
55. Listening to Linds talk about Mercy Ships and her plans to go back
56. Long hugs with Chinwe
57. cold morning, reading my bible on the couch with the sun shining in the window
58. finishing my half of the wedding invites
59. making plans to see family over the holiday
60. the fireplace downstairs
61. The little lights and the plants on the window sill

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