Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear Christopher John

You sleep in our bed, steady and true.
The house is quiet but evidence remains ...
Dishes from dinner, bought by you and prepared by me.
Loaves of bread, brown and high,
new year's goals in practice.

Papers ready for tomorrow, to talk about our financial future.
Loki's bone left in the living room while he sleeps on his own bed.
Theology books, yarn and fabric on the couch.
A game on the floor, to be continued.

Your breathing increases and decreases, like rhythms of life.
Sometimes adventures, traveling and a new city.
Sometimes walking the dog, studying, baking and playing games on the floor.
All with you, by your side for as long as God gives.


lindsay said...

this is beautiful, Rach. Well done.

Nonna said...

You have a wonderful gift for imagery and writing, Rachel. It brought tears to Dad's & my eyes. Thanks for sharing.