Friday, February 10, 2012

About: cousins

{written a couple of weeks ago}

On Friday night we dropped Loki off at "the sitters" knowing that he would get a huge bone, four walks a day and two nights on the couch. We watched a movie sans pooch and left the popcorn dropped on the kitchen floor for him to find on Sunday.

On Saturday morning we drove South through flat Illinois to my cousin's house outside of Bloomington. We were greeted by two girls wearing skirts and their little brother in striped pajamas.

For the rest of the weekend we held hands and tousled blond hair, watched Despicable Me, tested out flowery hand sanitizer and listened to the big sister's songs about historical events (yes, impressive). The oldest called Christopher "Buddy," the middle taught us about hello kitty and the littlest monkey-climbed his way up everything.

We talked with my cousin and his wife about theology, politics and parenting (we filed some info away for later). It was rewarding to have the relationship that used to be about playing Annie Annie Over around G'ma's small garage and spoons around her kitchen table once a year grow up. We talked about our families, discussed the homeschool co-op that they are a part of and toured the construction site (soon to be apartment complex) that my cousin manages. We talked about adult things - because, after all, we are adults. =)

And it was good.

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