Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mess

I'm breaking my seven month bloggy hiatus to write a five minute Friday post because that seems like a good place to start. 


Life changes drastically seven months ago with the birth of our beautiful daughter, Zoe. Our small house has been engulfed in a baby mess ever since. Some days are easier than others to look past the mess and gaze into the blue eyes that stare up at me as, once again, my body gives life to hers. Some days it's hard to overlook the rattles, animals, diapers and tiny socks that are strewn all over. When I do, however, I begin to see the many lessons my daughter has been teaching me. She hears her daddy talk and stops whatever she is doing until he comes to her. She knows when her guardian, Loki, is climbing the stairs to her room. She enjoys morning snuggles before starting her day with gusto. She likes to read in the quiet time before bed. She smiles big in the morning and every time we get her from her crib. 

The most important thing in the world to her is us. We are her center and her compass ... given her as a gift to teach, guide and laugh with/at while she grows. 

And the mess? It doesn't really matter. 

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Anne said...

HOORAY! I am so excited that you are back!