Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Whitnall Park, The Oak Savannah and Loki's Long Tongue

We are moving in 10 days (more on that later) to a different part of Milwaukee. I am excited for the community that we will be living in and am really happy to live closer to our friends. 

But I will miss Whitnall Park. Loki and I have spent many hours in that park. It is incredible that the same place can look so different on different days and during different seasons.

I have great plans for the many pictures that I have taken these last two years at the park but that project may have to wait for some other creative juices to be used up first.

A couple of weeks ago we followed the foot path by the library and came across an Oak Savannah and Wetlands preserve. On a really hot day last week, I took Loki back there for a short walk.

And a few more funny pictures of Loki - all hot and bothered!

Just a little bit crazy!

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