Monday, June 4, 2012

Rabbit trails

At first I named this post: "housing, furniture and craigslist" but really, it's about rabbit trails. In other words, if you are really busy right now, this may not be worth your time to read.

Christopher and I have been looking at several housing options; our lease is up in August and we want to move closer to Marquette. We've looked at a few older duplexes and I've found myself inspired by crown molding, high ceilings and tall windows. We haven't quite settled on a place but we hope to soon. I am super excited because we will be moving closer to all of our friends and we want to be much more intentional about these relationships. I am finally getting the sense that we have a strong community and it makes me really happy.

Anyway, so in our search, I have been inspired and have begun to look for some vintage furniture. It's not very realistic that I'd actually buy anything considering the last piece of furniture that I bought and was not given to me was a cute little chair that I bought in ... hmmm ... maybe 2007. It's been a long time.

But I've been looking at this:
from Trash Can Annies. $250. I'd SOOO buy it if I could.
 And this:

from Leisure Living. Beautiful!!
 So then I wondered if I could re-paint my dresser. I have, after all, had it since college when I got it for $25 at a garage sale. I think I could re-paint it and put new handles on it and it would/could look really neat. I have had a tutorial bookmarked for awhile about how to paint wooden furniture.

So, then I looked on Craigslist for some furniture because I'm sure I'll be great at painting furniture, right?!? And I e-mailed someone about a free dresser and another person about a nightstand.

see ...
I think it has potential

Anyway, I'm sure Christopher would LOVE to go with me on a 30 minute drive when I pick up a free dresser that I intend to paint even though I've never painted a piece of furniture before in my life. Don't you? Actually, the only thing I'm sure about in regards to that sentence is that he loves me. And that the dresser probably wont fit in our car.

So, then I knew that I needed a sander if I am serious about this painting thing. And I found a sander on Craigslist and e-mailed that guy.

And then reason kicked in and I had to stop. Mostly ... I am looking for books on painting furniture at the library but that is at least free. =)

How's that for rabbit trails?



Gina Marie said...

I would buy that green dresser for you if I could too - very fun! I hope you do follow through on that last piece though. There's something great about the pieces in your house that have a story, like, "Remember how I got that dresser for free and then I had to go through all of that to learn how to paint it and then I did?" My pieces mostly have stories like, "Remember how that lady wouldn't budge on the price of that lamp in Thailand and I bought it anyway?" :)

Michelle said...

I love that bottom dresser. If you want it, we have a truck. I can take you out to pick it up.

Nonna said...

I really like the green dresser, too, and the free one definitely has potential. The day Christopher was born I decided to paint the knobs on his chest of drawers yellow. The dresser was already painted orange. That would be the 70s colors! The "phone" table that my mom and dad got for a wedding gift has been through many stages, including being antiqued. Gina's right, it's fun to share stories about your belongings.

Chris B. said...

babe, I am happy to accompany you to the far reaches to obtain the best worn-out furniture we can find. it sounds fun!