Saturday, March 19, 2011

Letters ...

Trying something new today ... my spin off (i.e. copy) of the blog Today's Letters.

Dear Loki, I have loved spending today with you but you must be kinda tired because it is 2030 and you are in bed. Was it doggie school/training this morning, the bike ride this afternoon or the beautiful walk in the park this evening?

Dear pad thai, you were marvelous when my hubby made you for me on Thursday and today you reminded me of him. Thank you.

Dear quilting retreat (last weekend), I am glad that I decided not to quilt as I don't think all the "pressing" is for me. However, I came home with my head exploding with gift ideas and have already begun making them. Do you think now is a good time to tell my hubby that I want to quit my job and try to make a living at craft fairs? 
Eva's finished quilt and Michelle's blocks all laid out! 
Dear game night in Rochester ... um, enough said? You were the end cap to a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends. Thanks for the yummy food (Mom B), the laughs and the confirmation that friendships can withstand distance. 

Just in case you were wonder what our faces look like, I cropped it.
Eva is perfect, I am pouting (?) and Chinwe ... is just Chinwe. =)
Ian, I didn't mean to crop you out, you are just too tall. 
Dear this afternoon, it turns out that sewing, chai tea from Teavana and the play list from this blog makes me really happy. 

Dear Mom, thanks for my second sale on etsy! (and for calling me five time before making your purchase). Thanks for encouraging me this weekend in my creative pursuits; looking forward to sewing with you soon! 

Dear Baby Girl Lopez, I hope your mama is busy helping you get into the world because I want to met you and give you some cute things! 

Dear little bro, this weekend you sent me an e-mail where you referenced P90x and Parks and Recreation, you texted me during your first Trader Joe's experience and you played in a gig at Dunn Brothers. Proud of you and wish I could have been there. 

Dear Spring Break, I'm kinda baffled by your existence but I do hope that everyone enjoyed the break from school. Next year though, if you could kindly give me a little more time with my hubby, I'd appreciate it. While I am glad that he could spend time with family and friends, he is obviously missing from most of the above and I am looking forward to him coming home tomorrow. In the meantime, our apartment kinda looks like me bed, so maybe I should get to it. 

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

I want to meet baby Lopez SOON too:):) You did a great job on your quilts...I am impressed!! Didn't we use to sew pillows in high school together...or am I dreaming? Also, it looks like you had a fun time with your friends, I am glad you get to see them often.